AP Exam Late Registration

AP Exam Late Registration will be February 18th – 28th until 3:00 pm.

1.        If you paid a $40 deposit for your exam(s) in the fall, you can currently go on https://universityiusd.myschoolcentral.com/ and pay the remainder $65 balance per exam.
2.       If you entered your Join Codes late (early Nov. was the deadline) or still have not entered your Join Codes on your College Board account, then you will see an outstanding $40 late fee per exam (on the Uni Webstore). You can also pay this balance on https://universityiusd.myschoolcentral.com/
*Also, double check your College Board account to make sure it shows you are scheduled to take those exam(s).  Simply log in to your account, click on My Account and then click on Unpaid Items.
3.       If you have not paid for any exams as of yet, you may do so beginning February 18th-28th by 3:00pm on our Uni Webstore or at the SAC window (based on availability of space/ class enrollment restrictions).

Please note: Purchasing AP Exams on our Uni Webstore does NOT mean you are registered to take the exam(s) on College Board. You need to enter the Join Codes for each exam you plan on taking. Your teachers gave you those codes back in October. If you are not registered on College Board, we are not going to be able to order your exam(s).

Self studying for an AP Exam? You are still required to enter a join code. If you haven't already, please contact Mrs. Gatlin in the College & Career Center.